ProCore Air Plus Atomizer
ProCore Air Plus Atomizer by JoyetechWith each iteration, you can see the push for perfection. At this moment, the culmination between what is possible and that driving force behind consumer satisfaction and quality vape products is here.
Close up picture of the ProCore Air Plus Sub-Ohm Atomizer in Red & Blue

The next generation of high-caliber sub-ohm systems in vaping is realized in the ProCore Air Sub-Ohm Atomizer. At first glance, the bulging glass tube takes on more liquid in a sweet new design offering unique color patterns, mouth tip variations, spare resin and cellular tubes and more. ProC series heads deliver a responsive and capable draw allowing for big clouds and/or big flavor.

ProCore Air PlusStandard Configuration
  • 1 * ProCore Air Plus atomizerImage of the Blue Version - Refilling the ProCore Air Plus
  • 2 * ProCA (0.4ohm) head
  • 1 * Spare glass tube
  • 1 * Manual
  • 1 * Warranty card
  • 1 * Warning card

Spare parts

ProCore Air PlusParameter:

  • Size: ProCore Air Plus25.0mm*56.0mm
  • Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Colors: Dazzling, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Mix Black
  • Applicable heads: ProC series heads
  • Extraordinary & more capacity

ProCore Air Plus More spare mouthpiece

    • Filling with ease
    • The ProCore Air atomizer adopts the push-to-open top filling design. Simply push the top cap to reveal the filling hole. Then you're free to go.
    • Huge airflow slots

  • The bold airflow structure on the ProCore Air atomizer was designed to deliver massive vapor production without compromising its optimal flavor using with the ProC series heads.
  • Detachable structure, easy to clean
  • The ProCore Air atomizer can be easily detached and is able to wash separately.

ProCore Air Plus Atomizer Piece by Piece - Taken Apart