The new Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is the latest Pen-style device offered by Joyetech. It is a stealthy little device, with a colorful, multi-option LED Tank. The eGo ECO is a substantial improvement on the eGo AIO, not only in appearance, but function as well. The eGo AIO ECO was sent to me from the awesome folks at Joyetech for the purpose of this review. Let’s dive in! Aesthetics I have to say this, and I hope it doesn’t sound bad, but I have never liked the look of Pen-style devices. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the chunky buttons, or the awful Carbon Fiber stickers (on some older models), or the long but skinny oddly shaped tank. Don’t even get me started on the Convenience Store Pens, those were just bad. I actually love the look of this one. It’s simplistic, sleek, and just simply looks well made. The tank is perfection, and with both the tank and coils being black, it just melds together so well. The device itself has two smaller white lines that run the length of the device, and the branding is small and discreet. The black firing button is probably the focal point, as the device itself is not very big. The tank has a small, black inner seal that reads ‘Keep Calm and Vape On’, which my mom got a kick out of. The eGo ECO is much more simplistic in appearance than the eGo AIO, without conflicting colors or textures. Features • Powered by Eco Technology • Capable of 350 Puffs per Charge, 650mAh • 1.2ml Capacity, Approx. 150 puffs • Optimized for High Nicotine The ECO is the usual 5 On/Off, with the ability to change LED Tank colors by turning the device off, holding the firing button down until the LED lights up, then cycling through the colors by pressing the firing button. The LED will light up RED while charging, and go out when charging is completed. At 650mAh, you would probably expect the battery to go pretty quickly, but the charge lasts quite a while. The brand new ECO Technology nearly doubles the battery life, giving the user more time between charges. It charges quite fast as well. I am not currently using a high nicotine blend for this, but am using a 6mg mix that was blended specifically for my mother. Functionality The eGo AIO ECO is more of a starter kit, or a low wattage, MTL option for some users that are looking for convenience and longevity. Most users that enjoy DL or high wattage probably won’t get much satisfaction using this device, as the Max Wattage Output is 6.8 watts. What makes this device somewhat special to me, is that after using it myself, I decided to let my mom use it. After 6 months of different devices, different blends, several tanks, this is the device that she has used to quit smoking cigarettes for good. The draws are somewhat restrictive, but airy enough to be satisfying. The flavor from the 0.5ohm BFHN Coils is pretty good, much better than the flavor output from the Original eGo AIO. A 50/50 and 60/40 VG PG Blend works the best with this device, and wicks really well. I have had no gurgling issues with the ECO at all, which was one thing my mother didn’t quite like about the eGo AIO. There is one thing I would really like to see Joyetech do regarding a device like this, and that would be to make small guage (maybe 30 or 32) dual coil head, with several wicking holes. It would maximize the flavor potential of the device, and give smokers a better representation of what ‘could be’ when it comes to vaping. Paired with a device like this, the flavor would be superb.