In-Depth Smok Mag Box Mod Kit Review Smok release some amazing box mods and have been very popular with vapers for many years now, putting them at the leading edge of innovation and design. Now Smok has released a new ergonomically designed mod made to fit your hand with comfort and ease. We take a close look at the new Smok Mag box mod kit to see if it’s one of the best vape mods of the year and worth getting or one to ignore! Design of the Smok Mag kit Smok has changed things up a little here, ah let’s be honest, they’ve changed things up a lot! The new design is based on a handle of a gun! This design may seem a little flamboyant at first, but it has a purpose! It’s been specifically designed to fit your hand to make it easy to use and feel great. As usual, Smok has a whole array of colors to choose from, you can go with a couple of black designs, gold, red, purple etc! One thing we really liked about this mod was the molding for your thumb and palm on both sides, it just feels gorgeous to hold! But is design the most important thing when looking for the best e cig, no of course not! Let’s now take a closer look. The Mod Let’s start with the Mag Mod! The dual 18650 battery mod has a total output of up to 225W coming from the same chipset as their other latest mods but features 3 modes: Temperature Control – Controlling the temperature can enhance consistency of your vape, but is a personal preference for many Wattage Mode – The most common mode, so you can manually control the power to your coil. Memory Mode – Designed to customize your vape with different wattage per second of vaping. Typically it uses a 5 click to lock the device and a 3 click to enter the menu section where you can flick between the modes and customize your vape further. This mod is great value for money, but check out our vape deals as this mod from Smok and others like it often come up at stupid prices!