Specs, Prices, and vendors are all up to you. Its a regulated dual 18650 in every way. Short and easy, let's do it. 230 watts. TC, TCR, Wattage. Medium Budget. Good shit. https://imgur.com/gallery/8SLop I have 2 RX200 mods that are 2+ years old and still work very well. When Wismec reached out to me I thought two things at once. My RX is still awesome and I'm glad I never bought a Predator. Hard to get over those mistakes I guess. Taints your shits. You've really gotta knock a winner up to save your reputation. They have. The Sinuous Ravage230 is your Prom Queen. lol Honestly, if you send me a mod I WILL try to break it. I made this my daily driver and brought it everywhere. It has fallen at least a dozen times on snow, roads, rocks, carpet, my bathroom floor, and bounces around in my jeep. Zero issues so far. It fits my lifestyle very well. I turned on the RTC (real time clock display that takes center placement on screen) and went about my day. But my life is not about rocks and mud alone. I tend to snob around with rich dicks now and again and they have a taste for the more elegant things in life. I must admit I share that to a degree. This mod appeals to me in this regard. I like a classy looking mod. The clean lines and modern styling paired with the detailed color screen just look badass IMO. Many of my clients remarked that it was a "very nice vape thing" and it "looks cool" which I can appreciate a great deal. My appearance often makes or breaks a relationship with my customers and while I stress a need for durability I also cannot have a device with peeling paint and rattling doors. My RX200 fails on both of these counts. The menu is easy to navigate and intuitive. It's fucking color. I like that. The Sinuous Ravage230 also comes as a kit with the bundled GNOME Tank. The GNOME is a decent tank. No complaints, no leaks, good coil life so far. NO RBA so I can't really offer much here. It works, tastes good, and I dont buy coils. It's not all sunshine and tax refunds though and as with EVERY SINGLE VAPE DEVICE I OWN there are a few things that just piss me off. Plain packaging, no surprises, no goodies, no treats, no stickers, just the bare necessities. Yes, I realize that consumer demand for low prices results in these things but I want to feel special when I buy a mod or tank. There is a gap between the mod and the included GNOME tank.....It doesn't sit flush. It bothers me. Both that it does not sit flush and that it is supposedly a kit. There is NO RBA which means that after these two coils are spent I have a GNOME tank for sale. No wallpaper options for the UI. No Screensavers. No games. Seriously. Pong. Brick Out. Snake. Galaga. Something. You cant put a color screen in my hand with no games. The screen bezel has a slight edge off the mod. OCD ALERT I would have preferred a magnetic door with beefy magnets All of my cons seem to be lame and subjective. I can't think of a good reason you shouldn't buy this mod aside from some of the more intricate firmware issues. Can be subject to the WISMEC brick and arcticfox does not seem to have a compatibility. I would love to see a platform similar to escribe from evolve with native support from other device makers. PLUG AND PLAY BITCHES. Give me dev access on my vapes.