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1) Download and install “UpdateFirmware.pkg” file firstly.

2) Double click the UpdateFirmware to open it, and it shows as follows:

3) Connecting your PC and your device with USB cable, then you will see the information of current device (Device name, Firmware version and Hardware version).

4) Click “update”, choosing the file to be upgraded: eVic_VTC_Mini_V3.00.bin

5) Please click “ok” after firmware update is completed.

6) Firmware Version of the device will present 1.10 after update. Click Exit and disconnect the USB cable to complete the whole process of firmware update.

1)If blank screen appears while upgrading, please restart the upgrade or press “-” button to get back.
2)If the program gets stuck while upgrading, please try: taking off the cell and atomizer first and then start the upgrade process.

If it still doesn’t work, kindly please try:
1, connect the USB cable to your PC first and start the upgrade program (VT software);
2, keep pressing the “+” button, and then plug to the USB port;
3, start the upgrade.

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