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LCD Meter

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LCD Meter

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Product Introduction:

The LCD Meter can show you real time voltage/wattage with real vapor conditions. With traditional voltage meters, it can only show the voltage of the battery in a no-load condition, although it will not show you the drop of the voltage during real time usage. The benefit of testing with on-load condition with a quality battery is that the voltage will remain as advertised during usage, as compared to a bad battery where the voltage will drop significantly during usage.

Color: Black
Input Voltage: 2.5V~6.5V
Output Voltage: 2.5V~6.5V
Testable Wattage: ≤100W
Maximum Current: ≤10A
Resistance Range: 0.5~10Ω
Material: Plastic tube with stainless steel structure inside
LCD Meter Properties

LCD Meter Short-Circuit Protection Features:

1. Multi-functions like short-circuit protection, over-voltage and low-voltage protection, and over-current protection.

2. Short-Circuit Protection: When the resistance is lower than 0.5Ω, the LCD screen will show "E1" to raise an alarm.

How To Use:

1. No-load Condition:
When only connecting to battery, press the battery button, the LCD Screen will first display "NoΩ"(meaning no resistance), then the virtual voltage of this battery.
LDC Meter No-Load Condition

LDC Meter On-Load Condition 2. On-load Condition:
When connecting to battery and atomizer at the same time, press the button, the LCD screen will first display the virtual atomizer resistance, then the current voltage and wattage after 1 second. The less the battery power is, the lower the voltage and wattage are.

3. Attention: The LCD Meter cannot test the atomizer resistance when only connecting to an atomizer, as it has no power without a battery.


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